Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Credit where Credit is due for Vegan record endurance athletes

Josh Garrett's record pacific crest trail accomplishment will always remain among one of the greatest heroic vegan athletes of my lifetime who walks his talk with a simple message to end animal cruelty and proving the meat industry to be the sadistic scum of the earth they are by accomplishing a truly superhuman feat of endurance involving no meat eating, no animal product eating, and I would guess no leather hiking shoes or other animal products either. I have yet to find anywhere where he distracts and dilutes the basic message to end suffering the way certain megalomaniac b.s. ego bantering idiots who insist on a specific ratio of carbohydrates/protein/fat for everyone for all the diverse body types and constitution of people do.

Think about what a long hiking trip entails: a careful balance of sleep, caching food, basic hygene and first aid, in remote wilderness, first aid skills, setting up and taking down camps: etc.

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