There is a certain vegan endurance athlete whose only exceptional athletic accompishment is endurance activities, putting 1 foot in front of another (either by cross country running or bicycling) who wants to push a diet of 80% carbohydrates, 10% fat, and 10% protein on everyone. This individual is scrawny. He is borderline anorexic and he’s proud of it! He pushes 801010 dogma. His videos dominate youtube as the vegan athlete of all vegan athletes, as though he represents the ideal vegan. He is not an ideal vegan. He’s an embarassement to vegans. He is all the bad stereotypes of vegans. Why is he given such publicity? Why is this scrawny tooth pick framed guy and his toothpick girlfriend given such credit? He is not a bodybuilder by any means, he is an endurance athlete. He knows damn well he is an endurance athlete and no other kind of athlete with no other competitive athletic goals beyond running and biking (putting 1 foot in front of another efficiently at long distances), and maybe a little Thai kick boxing in one of his megalomaniac publicity stunts.
Compared to full body weight lifting and yoga workout sessions at gyms, compared to martial artists, running and biking is autopiolet repetitive activity, a lot like the sweatshop labor of Asian countries (China, India, and others) where the vast majority of emaciated low protein busy bees can’t question authority worth a shit are today providing lots and lots of cheap production for industrializes countries. There is a video about the untouchable classes in India that illustrates this mind control where they are constantly malnourished. If you keep the population desperate and malnourished on a low protein diet they are less likely to be able to think for themselves, but of course they have the “sugar, sugar sugar” necessary all “carbed the fuck up”, because they are too fucked up with fear to resist sweat shop slavery.
He knows damn well the 801010 diet is best suited to endurance athletes in the tropics and subtropics where he trains more than any other kind of athlete. Yet he’s convinced everyone should eat like him and categorically hates bodybuilders, rugby players, football players, wrestlers and just about anyone who is physically stronger than him and able to kick his ass. He is convinced everyone that has exceptionally large muscles does so because they’re on steroids or eats meat. And as for his one of his own competitive endurance bikers whose performed better than him, he won’t STFU about Lance Armstrong being a cheater.
Although he makes a plug for Robert Cheek’s (famous Vegan bodybuilder) in one of his videos, little does he realize an important quote in Robert Cheek’s book
Vegan Body Building and FITNESS
“As much as I defend protein consumption for myself and for vegans in general, I have to say, in all honesty that most vegans I know probably don’t get enough proetin in their diets on a daily basis to maintain a healthy-looking build. I believe most vegan “athletes” do get enough protein because they are more conscious of it and make more of an effort to get adequate protein to assist their athletic performance. But when it comes to the general vegan population, I have to admit that most look as if they are on a low-protein consumption diet” p. 153
I happen to agree with Robert and think the 80/10/10 diet is not for everyone. There is no “1 shoe fits all” diet for everyone and the world definitely doesn’t need some kind of vegan police force to make everyone an 801010 vegan. Yet the United Nations and the Agenda 21 assholes are pushing this along with asshole corporations and their monocultural gmo industrialized agriculture.
Meat eating will only be phased out when an Eden like paradise becomes reality where abundant locally grown perma-culture and agro-forestry happens with non-GMO, balanced biodiverse plant based food, providing a balanced diet fit for human consumption is grown, where small independent gardens are encouraged, and completely worthless ornamental gardens and lawns are phased entirely by free will to responsibly make the best choice, not by police force. Sanctimonious yuppy vegans and vegetarians, vegans from industrialized countries in wealthy urban areas will always be far more cruel to animals and biodiverse ecosystems than traditional nomadic hunters, fishers, and foragers. The nomadic foragers were far more often very ethical opportunivores who had abundant edible organic plant based food good for vegans far more available than the kind of scarcity these sanctimonious yuppy elitist piece of shit vegans gentrify and scarcify on a regular basis. (Case and point (the quality of life of a chinook Salmon in 1895 before the dams versus a Chinook Samon in 2013 along the Columbia River Basin)! Many a yuppy vegan in affluent areas in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington utilize electricity from power companies from these dams. Many a vegan yuppy utilizes the power from nuke plants whose waste is transport to Hanford’s national waste dump’s radioactive shitholes.
The ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in one’s diet entirely depends on the application! THERE IS NO 1 SHOE FITS ALL FORMULA YOU IDIOTS!. As someone who is 99.9 % vegan, I am proud to identify myself as an ethical opportunivore because I’m simply not as arrogant and stupid to think that the urban sprawl is anything other than the worst vampire predator lifestyle ever regardless what I chew up, swallow, and shit out.
I love the contributions to the forums of, a better source for whether or not a vegan diet raw foods is the right choice than the megalomaniac sanctimonious yuppies who don’t know a damn thing about poverty and desperation, or what it is to feel exiled toward the wilderness rather than submit to the slavery like world of urban sprawl and “food deserts”.
Here are some common sense ideas I’ve learned about a balanced diet between fat, protein, and carbohydrates, along with some observations I’ve made MOSTLY FROM PAYING ATTENTION TO HOW I FEEL as I EAT (HOW MY OWN BODY FEELS) KNOWING DAMN WELL THE ELITIST SCUM OF THE EARTH want is all to all go EAT sh*t AND die. Even, and often especiallly the vegans and vegetarians with their GMO soy monoculture sH*t. Pardon me for not fetching a bunch of quotes, links, and sources. I know I’ve studied & read about them along with studying my own health and paying attention to my own body to feel confident about making these statements: Please feel free correct me where I may be wrong, or tell me if you disagree and why you disagree:
- fat food is for reserve fuel and reserve calories
- fat is the most concentrated calories
- Body Fat is good for surviving cold weather. Fat is insulation and as said before, fat is extra calories. Wildlife creatures in the temperate and arctic areas get fatter in the Autumn to surive cold weather.
- fat food is concentrated calories (requiring less time to eat, less time to prepare). Highly advantageous in cold weather wilderness survival situations.
- the brain is either almost all or pure fat and needs certain kinds of essential fatty acids to function, especially the omega 3 and omega 6 in flax seed oils.
I’ve often wondered why fat bastards in the radio business like Alex Jones of, Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Media, and many other fatties make a good living talking non-stop as much as they can? Perhaps the fat in their head gives their mind the stamina to articulate words non-stop. Why are so many computer nerds fat bastards?
transfats, saturated fats, animal fats, and cholesterol fats cause more health risks than good natural fats: such as:
flax seed oil, olive oil, nuts, avocadoes, (omega 3 and 6 balance), essential fatty acids
protein is for muscle building
hemp protein is one of the best and most concentrated vegan proteins available, but is illegal to produce in America most likely because it would destroy the meat industry and a nation of people who believe they must be cruel wouldn’t want this.
vegan food with high concentrations of protein is scarce in America
protein is good for brain function:
cults (such as Jonestown) pushed a low protein diet
soy protein carries hormone risks in certain types of high soy food
carbohydrates are for immediate energy
and endurance energy,
fresh organic fruit is very good for humans, especially the super foods rich in vitamin C, anti oxidents and other nutrients
When the 801010 fascist zombies push the “sugar, sugar, sugar” slogan one must always distinguish between raw fruit and dried fruit sugary (both of which are very good, raw fruit being the best)
the nasty high glycemic, high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, pastries, candy, and other shit like that which leads to hyperglycemia followed by hypoglycemia, diabetes, obesity, and the whole gamet of ailments that willl kill you slowly but sooner.
” Some misinformed people claim that animal rights activists are terrorists, but these people are simply ignorant of who the real terrorists are: the companies and industries that torture literally billions of animals each year.” – River Phoenix